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We've been around the world and seen alot of places...

And our family, home & hearts are here in Texas!

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Texas Patio & Garden LLC is a locally owned family business.

We started this business in our own backyard out of necessity. Which quickly turned into helping some neighbours down the street to building cool landscaping projects for new customers all over the Greater San Antonio and surrounding areas. 


Mike Draghici (the founder) grew up in San Antonio, and he graduated Alamo Heights high school, class of "97. He is an IT Software Engineer by trade but he always had a passion for big bold landscaping projects.

In 2017 he owned 40 acres on top of a mountain in Chelan County, WA, where he worked for 2 years to build a winery called "Vampire Hills". You can check it out here

 We enjoy working with passion and excitement to turn new projects into a reason for celebration.


Custom landscaping is an art. 

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